How Does YOUR School District Compare?
Studies using Ohio Department of Education Data to Compare Ohio School Districts 

The 2015 school district expenditure and performance study

School oversight and accountability are enhanced when stakeholders have access to data.  

The Ohio School Boards Association recognizes that with enhanced data availability, comparisons among districts will become easier.

"The phrase, 'bang for the buck' will come into play as a result of these comparisons and boards will have to critically evaluate the overall efficacy of their operations in a whole new light."  (V. Keating, OSBA Journal, February 2014).

The purpose of the report for each district is to use currently-available data in providing district stakeholders with financial and performance "pictures" of their district.  These can be used as the basis for community conversations and decision making.

All data were sourced from the Ohio Departments of Education and Taxation, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and ACT, Inc.

Data and charts are organized into three sections:

   I:    Historical Expenditure Data
   II:   Financial Forecast Data
   III:  Historical Performance Data.

Data for each district are compared with State and "Similar District" averages.  The similar Districts are those evaluated by ODE to have socioeconomic/demographic profiles close to that of the district. More on the Similar District methodology can be found on ODE's website.

The 600+ districts within the state vary widely in terms of per pupil expenditure and student performance levels.  Some excel in containing costs while achieving outstanding results, and others show room for improvement.  Understanding just where one's district stands in this continuum is a first step towards identifying areas which require attention by school boards, administrators, teachers, and support staff, and/or where they can pat themselves on the back.